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Three main reasons why do watches require timely maintenance and servicing for proper functionality?

1. Watch gasket and sealant
These have a useful life expectancy of 3 to 6 years. A rubber gasket’s primary purpose is to create a constant tight seal. Over time a sealant or a gasket dry out, get brittle, lose its elasticity and ability to seal watch against moisture, water, dirt, a mechanical shock and vibration.

2. Watch oil and lubrication
Which used on watch parts to reduce drag and friction has also a life expectancy of 3 to 6 years. When lubrication has started to deteriorate or break down, then moving parts succumb together. This can cause parts to wear down rapidly and watch age prematurely, which directly affects the accuracy, functionality and durability of watch.

3. Watch springs and levers
Watch main spring, lever springs and push sprigs are subject to Metal fatigue force (the progressive and localized structural damage that occurs when a material is subjected to cyclic loadings) which make springs to lose their spring or braking off.

Timely Watch maintenance service or watch overhaul involves the following:

  • Complete disassembly of the watch movement and watch casing.
  • Complete Cleaning of all parts with specialized cleaning solvents in ultrasonic bath system.
  • Complete lubrication all parts as needed during the reassembly process.
  • Complete inspection all parts and gaskets and replacement as needed to assure watch is properly functioning and sealed for water resistance as watch was designed for.
  • Complete testing for time accuracy and proper operation of all and any other functionality.

Optional restorative services include:

  • Replacements of the watch bezel, watch crystal, watch dial, hands and watch band or watch bracelet.

We offer a complete list of watch repair services. Whether it is a quartz movement cleaning, a new crystal, or a crown and stem, our team of watch repair specialists can help. Complete overhaul includes the following:  Cleaning and inspection of all parts of the watch, inside and outside the case, replacement or repair of all worn or damaged parts, and synchronization.  The prices do not include the replacement or cost of worn and damaged parts.

  • Manual wind  . . . $75.00
  • Manual wind w/calendar . . . $95.00
  • Automatic w/calendar . . .  $125.00
  • Pocket Watch . . .  $175.00
  • Quartz analog . . . $90.00
  • Quartz high grade/very thin . . . $150.00
  • Quartz pocket watch . . . $80.00
  • Retro fit from mechanical to Quartz movement . . . $150.00
  • Round crystal . . . $45.00
  • Rectangle crystal . . . $55.00
  • Mainspring wristwatch . . . $25.00
  • Mainspring pocket watch . . . $30.00
  • Crown and stem replacement . . . $45.00
  • Gaskets fit  . . . $10.00
  • Cell installed . . . $10.00
  • Remove band links  . . . $10.00
  • Set H/M/S . . . $20.00
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Scheduled Maintenance for Rolex . . . $300.00
  • Cmplicated chronographs: Rolex “Daytona”, Breitling “Chronomat”, Ebel “1911”, split-second chronos, tourbillons . . . $500 and up
  • Salt water and moisture damage restorations range from . . . $300 and up

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