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Irvine Watch Repair’s portable laser and rotary machines delivers high quality engraving and cutting. What can we engrave at our shop? We can engrave both large and small formats of metal, glass, crystal, wood, or plastic.

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Engraving comes in two forms, rotary and laser. Rotary engraving typically makes a deeper mark than laser engraving, resulting in a deeper and longer-lasting mark. Rotary engraving also cost less than laser engraving. Our laser engraving machine is capable of marking a wider variety of surfaces than our rotary machine,  the choice between rotary vs. laser comes down to use. Your engraving choice will depend on what works best for your item.

Not sure about a design? We offer custom designs wether it’s a gift for a loved one or for your business.  Our customers drive to us for high quality precision engraving from Newport Beach, Anaheim, Tustin, Santa Ana, Orange County and Los Angeles.  We offer our customers with fast, expert, affordable professional laser and rotary engraving services six days a week, from Monday to Saturday (10AM to 6PM).  We have the highest 5 Star reviews on Google and Yelp consistently year after year. It’s the reason why people trust us.

From small to large items, you can rely on 40+ years of experience engraving watches, clocks, jewelry, personalized gifts, ornaments, awards and trophies, wood pieces, glass and crystals, memorials and more:

  • Custom engraving available upon request
  • Custom gun engraving
  • Custom engraved handguns
  • Custom wedding gifts
  • Custom glass engraving
  • Custom wood art
  • Custom metal art
  • Laser engraving
  • Laser cutting
  • Laser barcoding
  • Metal marking
  • Tool marking
  • Trophy engraving
  • Wine bottle engraving
  • Corporate engraving
  • Corporate awards
  • Award engraving
  • Photo engraving
  • Promotional gifts
  • Precision firearm engraving
  • Industrial serial number engraving
  • Clock engraving
  • iPhone engraving
  • Laptop engraving
  • Computer engraving
  • Cell Phone engraving
  • iPod engraving
  • Watch engraving
  • Jewelry engraving
  • MP3 Player engraving
  • Blackberry engraving
  • Ring engraving
  • Wedding bands
  • Anniversary engraving

Fast, Accurate, expert, affordable, effortless and professional high quality computerized engraving.

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Laser & Rotary Engraving
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Laser & Rotary Engraving
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Irvine Watch Repair,
102 W First St,Irvine,California-92780,
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Irvine, CA
Laser and Rotary engraving for both large and small formats of metal, glass, crystal, wood, or plastic.
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