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We offer both large and small formats of engraving on all type of metal, glass, wood, or plastic. Company logos or any artworks can be engraved. A large selection of different engraving font designs available.

We offer Industrial Serial Number engraving & marking in all type of material for industries, to other business and to the public.

Jewelry engravingCell Phone engravingComputer engraving
Watch engravingBlackberry engravingLaptop engraving
 Clock engravingMP3 Players engravingFirearm engraving
iPod engravingiPhone engravingGun engraving

We also specialize in Jewelry engraving and ring engraving on inside or outside. Engraving of Your Wedding Bands Creates Romantic Possibilities. With engraving personalize or give special meaning to your gifts, engagement, wedding or anniversary.

We are capable of engraving on almost any surface with precision.
Conveniently Serving; Irvine, Newport, Santa Ana & Tustin in Orange County.

Engraving comes in two forms; rotary and laser. The chief difference is the depth of the mark made by each method. Rotary engraving typically makes a deeper mark than laser engraving. This translates into a longer lasting product with the rotary method than with the laser method. However, there are certain specifications in which laser engraving is comparable to rotary engraving. Generally, rotary engraving gives a deeper and longer-lasting mark.

Another advantage of rotary engraving is cost. Most rotary machines cost less than a laser machine. However, to counter their cost disadvantages, laser engraving machines are capable of marking a wider variety of surfaces than rotary machines.

Ultimately the choice between rotary vs. laser comes down to use. Most industrial shops use both methods, choosing rotary as the workhorse and laser for specialized applications. Your choice will depend on what works best for you.

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We offer both large and small formats of engraving on all type of metal, glass, wood, or plastic.