Irvine Live Scan Fingerprinting

Irvine Live Scan Fingerprint

Irvine Live Scan Fingerprinting technology allows fingerprinting to be clean, quick, and effective.

  • Department of Justice and FBI Certified
  • Integration to multiple databases
  • High quality fingerprint images
  • Preview capability
  • Reduced rejection rates
  • Real-time capture
  • Immediate quality verification

Welcome to Irvine Live Scan Fingerprinting.  In addition to computerized fingerprinting, we also offer the services of a Notary Public, and, for your convenience, we are fully mobile.

Our goal is to provide fast, effective service with the best technology.  Located in Central  Irvine, walk-ins are welcomed.

Irvine Live Scan Fingerprinting Cost / Fees for Live Scan Fingerprints:

Our Irvine Live Scan Fingerprinting office Rolling fee for Live Scans are:

  • Irvine          $ 8.00
  • Newport       $20.00
  • Tustin         $14.00
  • Santa Ana    $16.00

Depending on the type of background check you require, you will be charged one or more of the following fees. These fees are subject to change without notice:

  • $32.00 Department of Justice
  • $19.00 FBI
  • $25.00 Firearms
  • $28.00 Child Abuse

Irvine Live Scan Fingerprints can be sent instantly to the Department of Justice and the FBI for background checks on anyone requesting that service. Instead of sending ink fingerprints hard-copy through the mail, which takes days, Irvine Live Scan allows digital prints to be transmitted in a matter of seconds.

People who require Live Scan Services may include but are not limited to: Teachers, Daycare Employees or Home Daycare Providers, Elder Care Givers, Nurses, Doctors, Coaches, Foster Parents, Adoptive Parents, Security Guards, etc.

To properly prepare for your upcoming Live Scan appointment, you will need the following:

BCII 8016 “Request for Live Scan” service form
Social Security Number
Acceptable Valid Photo ID

Here’s the link to: BCII 8016 “Request for Live Scan” Service Form

The following are important fields that are to be completed:

  • ORI Code – The Agency’s “Applicant Record Identifier” assigned by the DOJ.
  • Type of Application & job title.
  • Agency Address Set – that will receive Applicant background information.
  • Mail Code – Agency’s 5-digit, DOJ assigned code.
  • Contact – Name of the Agency contact person.
  • Telephone – Agency contact person telephone number.
  • Your Information – Name and description.
  • Your Social Security Number.
  • Your Driver’s License number.
  • Referring organization’s Billing Number (if they are paying for your background check).
  • Your phone number.
  • DOJ and/or FBI level of service selection.

You must list your Social Security Number on your BCII 8016 Request for Live Scan Service form. This is a DOJ and FBI requirement. If you do not provide your Social Security Number you will not receive service.

In order to receive Live Scan service you must present a *valid photo ID to the technician. The following are examples of acceptable forms of photo identification:

California Driver’s License
California DMV ID Card
Out-of-state Driver’s License
Alien Registration / Immigration Green Card
Military ID Card
Mexican Consulate ID Card (Matricula Consular de Alta Seguridad)

*A valid ID is currently in force and has not expired.

Have a question? Call 949-733-1393

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